Sweden SIM card: Use your mobile phone in Sweden with our budget-friendly solution

LeFrenchMobile service offers the ideal solution for using your mobile phone when in Sweden or anywhere in the European Union.

Dedicated to providing affordable, prepaid solutions for visitors to the EU, the Sweden SIM card is affordable, adaptable and easy to use, allowing you to use your mobile phone abroad without incurring expensive international call rates or roaming fees.

Order your Sweden SIM card online benefit from local and national call and text rates. You can select the best formula for your needs, with the right amount of credit, data bundle for mobile internet access; opt for a data only SIM card… No expiry date is applied and if you’ve underestimated the credit you needed, you can always top-up online with our fast, secure and straightforward service!

LeFrenchMobile invites you to view the Europe SIM card offers, tariffs for calls, texts and order online. LeFrenchMobile delivers anywhere in the world!

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