Portugal SIM card: Using your mobile phone with peace of mind…

Save money on international calls, local calls, text messages and mobile internet access with the Portugal SIM card.

LeFrenchMobile is mobile phone service provider dedicated to solutions for visitors to countries in the European Union. For your holiday, business stay or study term in Portugal, the prepaid SIM card for Europe is the affordable way to use your mobile phone. Feel free to consult our call rates and comparisons with rates of other operators online!

Order online and receive your Portugal SIM card wherever you are in the world by free delivery and enjoy the convenience of a prepaid SIM card which is ready-to-use! No complicated activation process required, you can simply use the credit as you desire. For extended stays in Portugal, or, if you have simply run out of credit, you can recharge your SIM card online at any time in quick and simple steps. Our prepaid SIM cards for EU and Europe data only SIM cards have no expiry date and adapt to your communication needs easily and affordably!

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