Marseille SIM card: lowest cost calls from Marseille with LeFrenchMobile

Order a Marseille SIM card for your trip to France’s historic city and enjoy the best call rates during your stay.

The ideal solution for keeping in touch with friends and family at home and making local calls during your stay, the Marseille SIM card is compatible with any unlocked mobile phone model and is active immediately!

LeFrenchMobile service offers a number of prepaid SIM cards for Europe to meet your exact communication needs whether you are a student on an Erasmus course, business visitor or planning a leisure trip or weekend stay for an international sports event in France and the European Union! Depending on your length of stay and use of your mobile phone, you can opt for a prepaid SIM card for France with credit for calls, texts and mobile internet or opt for a data only SIM card, rechargeable online at all times. We offer the affordable, adaptable solution during your travels in Marseille. Discover more about our offers and order your SIM card online!

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