Italy SIM card for affordable calls during your stay in Italy

LeFrenchMobile offers visitors to Italy and countries in the European Union the ideal solution for using their mobile phone during their travels and at affordable rates.

The Italy SIM card is a prepaid SIM card, compatible with any unlocked mobile phone, including SIM for Iphone and is ready-to-use immediately. Our mobile network offers global coverage and excellent quality connectivity. Keep in touch with loved ones back home via calls, texts or mobile internet according to need and without worrying about expensive, international call rates and roaming fees… we offer the lowest rates for international calls! For further details, please review our tariffs for incoming and outgoing calls to and from Italy online!

Order your prepaid Italy SIM card online, select the formula that suits your needs, knowing you can recharge your card anytime online, convert credit into internet access and use it over and over again, for once your SIM card is activated and subscriber details received, it is valid indefinitely.
Find out just how easy it is to use a prepaid Europe SIM card when travelling in Europe with LeFrenchMobile and purchase online, we deliver free anywhere in the world.

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