How to configure your Android device for Internet?

In order to access the Internet with leFrenchMobile during your trip to France and the rest of the European Union, you need to configure your device to adapt it to our network.

You will find below a few easy steps to follow to configure your device. It will only take 2 minutes:


Insert your LeFrenchMobile SIM card in your device

Go to Settings > More networks > Mobile networks > Access Point Names

Android EN process 1-3

Choose the symbol “+” to edit access point as followed:

  • Name : netgprs.com
  • APN : netgprs.com
  • Username : tsl
  • Password : tsl
  • Leave all the other fields empty

Android EN process 1-3

Save, then return to the previous page and you will find the APN setting “netgprs.com” has been created. Click to choose this APN.

Android EN process 1-3

If you are travelling outside France, you must enable the Data roaming option: Go back to the Mobile Networks menu and select “Data roaming“.

Android EN process 1-3

Your APN settings have been configured. You can now surf the Internet with LeFrenchMobile!