LeFrenchMobile presentation

  • What is LeFrenchMobile?

    LeFrenchMobile is a prepaid mobile service managed by the Transatel group. We provide a mobile phone service dedicated to foreigners traveling around the world.

    LeFrenchMobile enables you to benefit from the best rates for your calls, texts and internet browsing. If you are going to France, check out this page, and go here if you are traveling to Europe.

    We offer SIM cards (Normal, Micro and Nano sizes) as well as mobile packs and 3G hotspots so that you can stay connected throughout your stay. Our customer service is in English, French, Russian and Arabic and you can also read our website in French.

  • How do I buy one of your products?

    To purchase a SIM online, simply go to the France page or the Europe page depending on where you will be traveling, find the product that you would like, click ‘buy now’ and then follow the payment process.

  • Can I use this SIM card outside France?

    Yes, you can use our SIM cards for calls and texts in nearly all of the countries in the world. They are designed for cheap usage within the European Union and you will find that our calling and texting rates from an EU country to an EU number are the same rate as a local call in France! Mobile data can be accessed within the European Union, but not outside of it. For full details on our roaming rates, please see our Detailed Tariffs.

  • What are the General Terms of Sale?

    You can see our General Terms of Sale here or by using the link on our tariffs page.

  • Where can I find your Detailed Rates?

    Click here to see our detailled rates.

All-in-one SIM Card FAQ

  • What is the All-in-one SIM card?

    The All-in-one SIM Card is THE prepaid SIM card made for you if you are travelling in France or the European Union.

    Benefit from calls, texts and data on one single SIM card to stay connected with your family and friends. To find out about this offer go on the France or Europe pages.

  • What does unlimited credit validity mean?

    Unlike many other providers, the credit on your phone will not expire. This is one of the big benefits of choosing the All-in-one SIM Card!

  • How do I top up my account?

    You can top-up your account from 3 different ways:

    • Directly online using any foreign or French Visa or Mastercard here, this way you can alsi get FREE bonus credit!
    • By buying a PaySafeCard voucher in Tobacco shops and sending the code on the card by text message to 22213
    • From your webapp https://mylfm.eu

    To find out where you can buy a PaySafeCard, within the Eurozone, please click here. You can also download their app to find your nearest sales outlet.

  • How do I get a data bundle?

    • By sending the appropriate bundle code (see our Data Bundles page) to 22213. That way you subscribe to the data bundle by converting the credit balance that is on your SIM card. To convert credit into a data bundle, send a text to 22213 including: "BUNDLE + bundle reference". For example, to add 200MB for France, send "BUNDLE FR200"
    • Online by going to https://mylfm.eu. That way you can directly buy the data bundle of your choice by bank card.
  • Can I have more than one data bundle?

    Yes, you can have up to 2 data bundles simultaneously on your account: 1 data bundle for France and 1 for the European Union bundle. French bundles can only be used from France, whilst European Union bundles can be used anywhere in the European Union including France.

    If you are in France, French bundles will be used in priority from your account.

  • Will the All-in-one SIM Card work with my current mobile phone?

    The All-in-one SIM Card works with any unlocked mobile phone. If your mobile phone is locked to a certain provider, you should contact that provider and ask them to unlock your phone for you.

  • Does the All-in-one SIM Card work with my BlackBerry?

    The All-in-one SIM card can work in any unlocked BlackBerry but it is not compatible with BlackBerry services (BB Mail and BB Messenger).

    To access the internet and your emails from your BlackBerry you will have to download two free applications: Opera Mini (web browser) and Logic Mail (email).

Data SIM Card FAQ

  • What is the Data SIM Card?

    The Data SIM Card is a LeFrenchMobile offer which allows you to use data in Europe or France. You can use the SIM card into a phone, laptop or wi-fi hotspot devices to share the connection with others.

    This offer allows you to benefit from cheap mobile internet rates in several countries such as Germany, France etc..  Different data bundles are available depending on your usage, your destination and the duration of your stay. To check them out go on the France or Europe page.

  • How does the DataSIM Card work?

    When you receive your SIM card, 3 simple steps:

    • Enter the PIN code you received by e-mail or by default 0000
    • Turn on "roaming data"
    • Enter the new APN in your parameters: APN name = mobiledata

    We provide all sized SIM cards that will work in any unlocked device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, dongle...).

  • What are the tariffs?

    The tariffs of the Data SIM Card vary according to different zones. For detailed information, check the tariffs page on this page.

  • How do I top-up my Data SIM Card?

    You can top-up your Data SIM Card directly from your webapp: https://mylfm.eu 

  • How much is 1 MB of data?

    Data consumption is very difficult to estimate because it completely depends on your browsing patterns and varies for different types of phones.

    However to give you an idea 1 MB roughly allows you to send 40 emails, make 80 google searches and have 5 browses on Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • Can I have more than one data bundle?

    You can have one data bundle at a time per zone but many zones at once.

  • Can I have more than one Zone on my SIM?

    Yes of course! Once you have your SIM card, even if you bought a Zone 1 SIM card for example, you can top-up data bundles for others zones as well. You can have bundles from all the zone on one and single SIM card!

Online payment and delivery

  • Can you send a SIM card to my country?

    The SIM Cards can be delivered everywhere in the World!

  • Can you send a Mobile, or 3G hotspot pack?le or Xyfi to my country?

    We can dispatch your mobile, or 3G hotspot pack to European Union countries:

    • Albania
    • Austria
    • Belgium
    • Bulgaria
    • Croatia
    • Denmark
    • Estonia
    • Finland
    • France
    • Germany
    • Greece
    • Iceland
    • Ireland
    • Italy
    • Latvia
    • Luxembourg
    • Monaco
    • Netherlands
    • Poland
    • Portugal
    • Spain
    • Sweden
    • United Kingdom
  • How much is the delivery fee?

    If you have only ordered a SIM card:

    • To the European Union: FREE!
    • To all other countries: €2

    If you order a Mobile pack or a 3G Hotspot pack we only ship to the EU:

    • Metropolitan France, Monaco: €7.90
    • Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands: €12
    • Italy, Spain, United Kingdom: €14
    • Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal: €15
    • Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Norway, Poland, Sweden: €19

    Also, if you want to receive your order more quickly, we can also offer Express delivery.

  • How long will it take for my product to be delivered?

    We dispatch any order within two working days. We cannot guarantee exactly how long it will take for your order to arrive because we cannot account for postal issues, however – this is how long it should take approximately:

    Normal shipping:

    • To Metropolitan France: 5-7 working days
    • To the European Union: 7-10 working days
    • To the Rest of the World: 12-15 working days

    Express shipping

    • To Metropolitan France and the European Union: 2 working days
    • To the Rest of the World: 3-5 working days
  • Can I get my product delivered to the hotel or apartment I will be staying in in France?

    Yes, your order can be shipped to the French address you will be staying at. If you are staying at an apartment or a hotel where your name is not on the mailbox then you will need to find out what the name is on the mailbox (normally in the format  “Chez + Surname”) and put this as the first line of the address instead of your own name.

    You must also notify the hotel or the apartment owner that you are expecting a package from LeFrenchMobile otherwise they may refuse the package and it will be automatically returned to us.

  • Can I order more than one SIM at a time?

    Currently it is not possible to order more than one SIM at a time on our website, to buy multiple products you will need to order one at a time – however our ordering process is very quick and this will not take long.

    If you would like to place a large order please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will try our best to accommodate this for you.
  • How can I make sure the online payment is safe?

    For payment, LeFrenchMobile uses Ogone 3D secure. The entire payment process is protected. You can be sure none of your information can be seen on the Internet when you see these signs:

  • How does the secured payment work?

    To make sure that the payment process is entirely secure, once you have entered your card number, expiration date and cryptogram, you will be redirected to your bank’s page.

    Your bank will ask you information that only you know (e.g.: password, PIN code, etc…) depending on your bank. Once you have answered the relevant questions you will be directly redirected back to our website.

    This way nobody but you can use your card to make a payment on our website.

Mobile specifications

  • How do I know if my device is locked or not?

    If you are not sure your mobile is unlocked - please try a SIM card from a différent operator into your device and see if it works.

    • If yes, your device is unlocked.
    • If no, your device is locked; to unlock it you should contact your current mobile operator.
  • Do you have Micro and Nano SIMs for iPhones and iPads?

    If you are travelling to France and looking for a smart way to stay connected with your iPad or iPhone, we provide Micro & Nano SIM cards to fit these devices so you can still benefit from our tariffs and save money at the same time! The Micro SIM comes within our Normal/Micro SIM package and can be ordered on our products page. If you have an iPhone 5, 5C, 5S or iPad Mini you will need a Nano SIM, you can order that here.


  • Do I need to provide any personal information?

    Yes, once you have made the first call or first data connection from your SIM card, you have 15 days to return all the personal information we have requested from you otherwise we are required by law to suspend your line. The information we need can be found on the registration coupon and can be sent to us by post or by email. Our contact information can be found on the back of the coupon.
  • How do I refer my friends so that we can get free credit?

    If you are a LeFrenchMobile customer and want free extra credit then you need to take advantage of our Refer a Friend scheme!

    All you have to do is recommend LeFrenchMobile to your friends.

    • All-in-one SIM Card referral program: you both receive €10 extra credit on your accounts
    • Data SIM Card referral program: coming soon!

    Once your friend has activated their new SIM card, one of you must send us an email within 15 days of activation with both of your LeFrenchMobile phone numbers and your names in order to receive your bonuses.

    Additionally, both you and the friend you have referred must have sent us your personal information in order to qualify for the free top-up.

    The more friends you will refer the more credit you will earn. For extra information please click here.

You are already a customer

  • I am having problems with my existing SIM card, where can I find online support?

    Please click here for support.